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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Daughter is back in the hospital, again. : (

I am so incredibly sad at this point. I can't believe my daughter is back in the hospital again. She was so close to finishing this grade up and now I don't know what will happen. Her stupid counselor from school called and started saying a bunch of shit about how she was going to get behind. I kind of went off on her and basically told her do you realize that she could die! What is wrong with you! This is serious! I'm more concerned with her health than her education! Then she backpedaled and said "oh, tell her not to worry about it". I know she thinks she is trying to help, but she really isn't helping at all. I have to go pick up her homework and get her books today and I am just dreading it because I almost cry everything I have to go there.

I call the hospital and they won't give her the messages, so I never know what is happening. They only let us visit her 50 minutes a day. That's just not enough time. I hate her doctor. He switched her medicine and never even told us, and now our insurance won't even pay for this one. I told this to her nurse and she seemed shocked that he never got our consent to switch the medicine. He has not contacted us once since she been in there, that arrogant bastard.

I am just a train wreck, I can't believe how much weight I've lost in the last few months over this, it's a sign my depression is coming back. The financial strain is just incredible. I just keep asking myself why is this happening. I know there isn't any answers. All I can do is keep on praying that everything will be OK.

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