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What I Got Free 6-9-10 through 7-14-10

Propel powder stick and $1 off coupon-Facebook
Aveeno shampoo and conditioner and $1 off coupon
Joint Oats 4 Dogs 10 oz. bag


Starbucks VIA instant coffee stick
$10 Kohl's Gift Card
Popular Science Magazine
TV Guide Magazine


Loreal Everstrong Shampoo, Conditioner, Overnight Treatment Repair Lotion- x3/ no idea why I got 3 but I'm not complaining. lol
Nature Made Fish Oil 2 softgels
Suffuse green and red tea samples
Chex Mix- Facebook
Total Landscaping


Coupon for Free Product- Liquid-Plumr up to $10 for complaining because it didn't work


eos-Shaving Cream
Vivo Per Lei Moisturizing Day Cream (3) packets-Mall of America
Living the country Life Magazine


Neuragen PN Pain Relief & $5 off coupon code
DiGiorno Free Deep Dish Pizza Coupon
Skoal Bottle-Opener
John Freida Sheer Blond Shampoo and Conditioner & $1 off coupon
Dove Shampoo and Conditioner x(2)

Seventeen Magazines Dazzling Prom Ring
Real Time Pain Rel…

Kohl's and Target Shopping Trips this Week

Kohl's Trip-

4 pack lipgloss Regular price $8 paid $1.60

Women's T-shirt Regular price $12 paid $2.40

Women's T-shirt Regular price $16 paid $3.20

Women's collared shirt Regular price $20 paid $4.00

Jr. cheer shorts Regular price $11.99 paid $2.39

Used $10 off Gift Card recieved in mail

Total spent- $3.60

Total saved- $64.40

Target Trip-

3 pair Champion socks Regular price $6 paid $1 after coupon

Merona purse Regular price $10 clearanced out for $5 paid $2.00 after coupon

Champion Cheer shorts Regular price $7.99 clearanced out for $5.58 paid .58 cents after coupon

Long sleeved Merona T-shirt Regular price $10 clearanced out for $5 paid $3.00 after coupon

Used coupons off of Target website

$3 off Merona bag

$2 off Merona Women's shirts

$5 off Champion clothes

$5 off Champion clothes

Total paid-$6.58

Total saved- $27.41
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