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SinuOrega and OregaSpray by North American Herb & Spice Review

A few years back I was having chronic sinus infections and sinus issues that required a doctors care. Because of where I live there are many things that can cause allergies to flare up.  I however seemed to have these year around. I had the allergy patch test on my back and they found that I had no typical allergies. However my sinus problems continued and I was finally diagnosed with chronic non-allergic rhinitis. In short there was no real explanation as to why I was having so many problems, just that I was. The treatment that I was given was to take a antihistamine/decongestant product for the rest of my life. Yay, can you feel the sarcasm in that yay? To this day I still have problems. So what to do? I have used pretty much every type of nose spray out there. Prescription and over the counter too. They just do not work for me. When I was asked to review SinuOrega I jumped at the chance. It combines a unique blend of the powerful essential oils of sage, bay leaf, clove, and orega…

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