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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mr Vits 'Little Soldiers' Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplement Review

Hello Everyone-
Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free in exchange for a review. 
It is 
Mr Vits 'Little Soldiers' Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplement . *Now as always the opinions expressed here are my own and always will be.*

This is what the company has to say about it:
  • INNOVATIVE - Little Soldiers is a new generation of prebiotic & probiotic supplement. The formula got its name because of the innovative way in which the PreforPro® Prebiotic works. It actively attacks the bad bacteria in your gut which provides a ‘feeding ground’ for the good bacteria to thrive (the Probiotic part of the supplement).

    STAY REGULAR! - If you sometimes make poor food choices, then Little Soldiers will help your digestive system to function better, helping to alleviate constipation, gas, bloating and yeast growth. You should also find welcome relief if you suffer from acid reflux or stomach cramps and they'll help you fight infections too by boosting your immune system.

    EASY TO TAKE - To deliver our 'little soldiers' to where they're needed, we use the award winning DRcaps® capsules. They're virtually tasteless and stomach-acid-resistant so their valuable contents survive the journey to your GI tract where they can get to work. Standard gelatin capsules used in most other probiotics dissolve far too quickly in the stomach and often cause belly ache and gas. You'll also find the smooth capsules much easier to swallow than the pea size pearls of some other probiotics.

    SAVE MONEY - Why buy 2 separate products when you can get a prebiotic and probiotic in one convenient, capsule? Not only is it much cheaper, but because Little Soldiers contains a unique prebiotic that isn't fiber or starch based, it requires a smaller dosage, so it's easier to take and faster acting.

This is my take on the product:
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have been told by my doctor to take a probiotic daily to help keep this in check. Gas, bloating, pain, constipation, acid reflux, digestive issues are all part of what I experience daily. This has helped me to control some of that. I have read that probiotics work better when taken with a prebiotic first. This is a very good prebiotic/probiotic. It has a high concentration of live probiotic culture. It is in a capsule shell and was easy to swallow. I always would recommend putting it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. I also take it to help boost my immune system. I have read that 80% of your immune system lies in your gut. So I think it's wise to try and keep it healthy!  I liked this product and would recommend it to family and friends.

Mr Vits "little soldiers" can be purchased here on Amazon-

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