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Monday, March 30, 2015

Smarty Pants Supplies Clear Shower Curtain Liner Review

Hello Everyone-
Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free in exchange for a review. 
It is
Smarty Pants Supplies Clear Shower Curtain Liner. *Now as always the opinions expressed here are my own and always will be.*

This is what the company has to say about it:
Protect Your Bathroom From Harmful Mold And MildewThe Best Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Resistant Shower Curtain Liner On The Market to Protect Your Family From That Unwanted "Nasty" Bathroom Experience...
-Resists the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria that creeps into unprotected bathrooms 
-Retains shape securely and stays in place while you shower using heavy duty tear proof grommets that last 
-72" length protects your bathroom and keeps your floor dry no matter the size of your tub or shower
This Extra Heavy Gauge Clear Shower Curtain Liner Repels Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Using The Latest In Shower Liner Materials...
Our shower curtain liner is made of extra heavy gauge vinyl that deters the growth of mold and bacteria and lasts longer than your typical "cheap" liner. This non-porous, "no-smell" material inhibits bacterial growth, is easy to use, and has been highly rated by our customers as comfortable addition to their bathroom space!. Strong, Long, and Mildew Free!
- Anti-rusting metal reinforced grommets for maximum long term usage and durability 
- 72in x 72in size... fits most bathtubs and showers 
- Provides all showers with a waterproof barrier 
- No Bad/Chemical odors thanks to the special anti-bacterial, heavy gauge vinyl

This is my take on the product:
This is a very heavy duty shower liner which could double as a shower curtain in a pinch. It is very thick and clear. Mine had a white film on it which was easily wiped off with a towel. With a lot of other shower liners there is a strong odor which is like a punch in the face and it usually takes weeks to dissipate. This liner has just a slight odor that went away after a few days of hanging up. The only real thing that I think would improve this is if it were weighted at the bottom. Overall this is a very nice liner and I would recommend it.

Clear Shower Curtain Liner can be purchased here on Amazon-

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