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Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty By Shea / Hydracentials Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel Review

Hello Everyone-
Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free in exchange for a review. 
It is Beauty By Shea / Hydracentials Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel.
*Now as always the opinions expressed here are my own and always will be.*

This is what the company has to say about it:
  • This Luxe Beauty Essentials Plush Microfiber Hair Towel is made from double sided brushed terry making it incrediby soft, gentle on hair, yet super absorbent.
  • Using this Beauty Luxe Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel means less time drying hair with damaging hair styling tools
  • Deluxe Size 19 x 39 inches is large enough for long thick hair.
  • Save your hair from damaging dryers, drastically reduce the time needed to dry your hair with this Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel.

This is my take on the product:
This is a nice white microfiber hair towel. It is somewhat thin but this actually is a good thing. Because you wear it on your head you don't want it to be too heavy. I hate it when you wear a regular towel on your head and the weight makes your head feel like a bobble-head. This is super absorbent and cut my blow drying time in half, which is healthier for my hairs condition. I do think it could be about two inches longer so it would make wrapping easier. But who knows maybe I just have a big noggin. It can be used over and over a few times without smelling musty like most regular towels. It washes up great and didn't shrink in the dryer. Overall a very nice addition to my beauty routine.

Microfiber Hair Towel can be purchased here-

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