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Book Review- Unjunk Your Junk Food

  I would like to take this opportunity first off to thank Naturally Savvy for being able to review this new book Unjunk your Junk Food that I received for free. I found this book to be full of interesting facts many of which I was not aware of. It goes into detail about the keys to unjunking, back to basic nutrition, the worst ingredients and gives a side by side comparison of name brand foods some are "bad choices" vs "naturally savvy approved choices". It also has a pull out Worst Ingredient Chart, which you can bring right to you cupboard and refrigerator for comparisons. It is a short, easy to read and understand book.  As I went through my cupboards and pantry I soon realised that about 75% of the food I had been snacking on was really not very healthy for me. One thing that surprised me the most was my box of Raisin Bran cereal that contained corn syrup, salt, palm oil,artificial flavor and BHT. This was something that I thought was pretty healthy.  

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