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Ecover Natural Laundry Liquid Sunny Day Review

Hello Everyone- I am so excited to tell you all about the Ecover Natural Laundry Liquid Sunny Day I was sent to try out by being a Naturally Savvy Approved Blogger. I was a little sceptical when I first received my Ecover natural laundry liquid because the last natural laundry detergent I tried I was not thrilled with. But, I am happy to report this one did the trick! It has a pleasant odor and did a great job on removing the stains and left my whites bright. :) I really liked how concentrated it was. I was amazed at how small the measuring cap was. * Ecover bottles now 100% PlantPlastic * From the award winning Eco-Factories * Plant-based and mineral ingredients * No artificial fragrances or perfumes * No animal testing * Septic tank safe * Biodegradable * Phosphate free For more about Ecover visit Thank you for the opportunity to try this product out. *I did receive a sample of Ecover to test. My opinions as always are my own