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  Hello Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free in exchange for a review.  It is  the  +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 PORTABLE CHARGER. *Now as always the opinions expressed here are my own and always will be.* This is what the company has to say about it: KEEP YOUR DEVICE ALWAYS CHARGED +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 is the best portable battery charger available on the market. This compact well-designed product has a premium smart battery that will save your cell phone battery hundreds of times with rapid and full charges. WHY +LIFEGUARD MINI 1? ● Smart plug & play Samsung grade A cell battery. ● Real 3000mAh capacity - full charge your phone and still have juice. ● Quick charge - get your device 100% charged in 1.5 to 2.5 hours. ● Free 5.9in Apple compatible lightning cable -  LIMITED TIME ONLY . ● Tough aluminum shell makes it impact resistant. ● Can be recharged more than 800 times. ● CE, ROHS and FCC certified. BUY NOW AND GET A $14.00 LIGHTNING CABLE FOR FREE Buyi