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Booty Fresh - "Private" Odor Remover for Your Buns Review

Hello Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free in exchange for a review.  It is  Booty Fresh - "Private" Odor Remover for Your Buns.  *Now as always the opinions expressed here are my own and always will be.* This is what the company has to say about it: YES, THIS IS A SPRAY FOR YOUR BUM, AND HERE'S THE DEAL: Booty Fresh™ is not a deodorant spray, cologne, or perfume. Booty Fresh™  neutralizes  odor-causing bacteria absorbed under the skin of the **** and surrounding area. After it’s rinsed off, it leaves your bootay smelling like... well...  nothing ! It‘s no joke! Booty Fresh™ deodorizes when soaps and wipes fail. Yes, it really, really works. THE MOST AMAZING SPRAY FOR YOUR BUM:  With a full application of Booty Fresh, you won't notice a scent from offending areas for up to two weeks or longer. BEYOND HYGENE :  Get's Where Soaps, Wipes, and Toilet Paper Can't.  Regular washing can not remove everything permeating the skin