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Combat® Ant Killing Bait Strips Review

Hey there Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about a new product from Combat®.  It's the new Combat® Ant Killing Bait Strips. *Combat® provided me a sample of their Ant Bait Killing Strips to do this review. But, now as always my opinions are my own.* This product could not have come at a better time for me. We were starting to see the first sign of ant scouts in our kitchen and bathroom. We have a dog who has a very curious nature and I always worry about putting ant bait out because she might get into it. Well I needn't worry any more. This is a genius solution. It is ant bait on a strip which can be placed in out of reach and discreet areas of your home. It has a sticky backing that you peel off and place. The ants carry this back to the nest and the insecticide kills the whole colony. So far this has worked for us. I haven't seen any more ants as of late. *New Discreet Design *Kills Fast *Easy to Apply *Leaves No Mess For more information please v

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Homemade Diaper Wipes

Homemade Diaper Wipes! Supplies:- Tall, round 3 Quart container with a lid or an old wipe container - Good quality paper towels - Knife to cut the paper towel roll in half - Baby shampoo - Baby oil Directions: 1.) Cut a paper towel roll in half so you have two short rolls. 2.) Set one roll inside the canister. Set the other half aside for next time. 3.) Combine and stir together: 1 1/2 cups hot distilled water 2 Tablespoon baby shampoo 2 Tablespoon baby oil 4.) Pour the liquid mixture over the top of the paper towel roll. As the liquid soaks through, the moisture will loosen the cardboard center making it easy to pull out.  Carefully pull on the wipes in the center to get the sequence going. 5.) Pull out the amount of paper towels (from the center) that are needed. Reseal after each use. 6.) If the wipes are not wet enough or the lid doesn't get put back on, just add more distilled water. If the wipes are too moist, leave the lid off for a little whil