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Insta Natural Vitamin C Facial Toner Review

Hello Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about an awesome product that the company Insta Natural sent me free of charge to review. It is their Insta Natural Pore Tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner. It comes in a handy spray bottle and has a nice cheerful yellow/orange label. It is said to tone and hydrate your skin while still delivering the powerful benefits of Vitamin C and other anti-aging elements. First, the sulfur in each spray will drive deep down to penetrate your skin and increase elasticity to maximize results. At the same time, the Witch Hazel present in the toner will gently purify your skin and pores, even helping to reduce their size and appearance. Simultaneously, Vitamin C renews and strengthens the skin to reverse the signs of aging and help prevent future damage. The Vitamin C Facial Toner is a great all-in-one hydrator that preps your skin to absorb serums and moisturizers more efficiently and effectively and is the perfect staple to add to your b

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Free Sample of Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (VEO app)

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Valentia Skin Care NEW - EVEN GLOW SERUM Review

Hello Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about a product I received free of charge from Valentia Skin Care. It is the NEW - EVEN GLOW SERUM - 20% Vitamin C - with Natural & Organic Ingredients. Sold on Amazon. *I received a sample of Even Glow Serum free of charge in exchange for a review. *But now as always my opinions are my own.* It is said to even skin tone, increase glow and radiance, absorb rapidly, boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. I was excited to try this. It came in a nice white box with gold trim. I opened it and smelled it and it has a very nice citrus smell. The directions state to gently mix the ingredients before using on a clean face and decolletage. I used it once daily after my shower. When you first put it on it feels kind of sticky but when it dries fully it is smooth. I have sensitive  combination skin. I used this about a week and started to notice some acne starting. I used it two more days to make sure an


 Hello Everyone- Today I would like to tell you about ORGANIC MATCHA - GREEN TEA POWDER . I received this Free of charge from Kiss Me Organics in exchange for a review. *But now as always my opinions are mine alone.* What is Organic Matcha? Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder. It is said to increase your energy, boost your metabolism, increase focus, and improve your skin health among other things. ALL DAY ENERGY WITH INCREASED FOCUS: Matcha provides 4 to 6 hours of mild steady energy as it acts as both a stimulant and a relaxant. This is ideal for focusing on whatever the day throws your way. METABOLISM BOOST: Consuming matcha green tea can increase thermogenesis (the body's own rate of burning calories) from a normal 8%-10% of daily energy expenditure, to between 35% and 43% of daily energy expenditure. IMPROVED SKIN HEALTH : ​Scientists have discovered that Matcha Green Tea helps protect the skin from harmful UVrays, while improving blood flow and oxygen

Free Dove Body Wash Sample

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Free Metamucil Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Meta Health Bar

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Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Hey Everyone- Today I would like to share my review on the Newly Designed Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror. This product is sold on Amazon and can be found  HERE.   This product has been provided free of charge from Cassani in order to review. *Now as always my opinions are my own.* I have always wanted a mirror in the shower but every time I have tried the mirror has fogged up and been useless.  In comes this Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror to the rescue. It has Anti-Fog Nanotechnology which repels fog. Now I'm not altogether sure how this nano technology works but I'm willing to give it a try. So far so good, all of my family has used it and loved it! It has not fogged up or gotten streaky and is large enough to see your whole face and neck. I liked it because I could see where I was putting on my face wash, and if I was rinsing it all off. My husband liked it because he could multitask in the shower and shave as well. And I liked the fact that I didn't see all those

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Free Sencha Naturals Green Tea +C Sample Pack

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